Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t see a work I like on the collect page, are other works on the website available to collect?

Yes. Only a selection of works are posted on the collect page. If you are interested in another work, please feel free to contact us using the link in the menu. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. I would be happy to work with you to develop a payment option that works with your finances. After the final payment has been received the artwork will ship. 

Do you accept commissions?

Yes. There are some restrictions concerning the process, but I am happy to discuss a work that may fit in your space. Please reach out using the contact option in the menu above. 

How do I pay for the shipping?

For all the works being shipped in the US the cost has been included in the purchase price. If you are a collector outside of the US arrangements will be made to discuss the cost of shipping and pertinent import taxes. 

How are the artworks shipped?

Smaller works on paper are packaged in secure flat packs. Larger works may be shipped in secure tubes. Very large works will be discussed with the collector on a case by case basis, as the requirements for shipping will differ. 

Can I return an artwork?

Yes. I want you to feel totally confident with the artworks you collect from me. Returns will be accepted, in their original condition, with a full refund up to 30 days after the purchase. The buyer will assume the cost of return postage. 

Is the artwork framed?

No. The artworks directly from my studio are sold and shipped unframed, unless specifically noted. I can offer, at an additional cost, a custom frame for your new artwork.

I do not know how to install artwork, can you help?

Absolutely. Not everyone has hung artwork for display before, and there is a little skill involved though it is not too difficult. If you are in the Chicago area we can arrange a home visit. If you are outside of Chicago I would be happy to have a telephone/electronic video conference call to walk you through the steps. 

How does copyright work?

Once you purchase a work you become the owner of the physical piece. The copyright remains with the Artist, Matt Bodett. You may not rework or reproduce the artwork without written consent. 

Honor the act of Seeing
Attention as the Creative Act
Realize Self and Other as one
Affirm Life
Be Generous
Honor the Body
Explore the intimacy of all things