For Fear

For Fear was developed during my time as an incubator artist at High Concept Laboratories (HCL). The performance was first performed in HCL’s studio in Mana Contemporary in Chicago, and later performed as a part of VAE Raleigh’s exhibition “Full Light of Day.”

For Fear is a performance piece which borrows from the transcript of the Joan of Arc trial and from contemporary mental health intake forms. The similarity of the questions asked becomes a point of investigation, one in which Bodett becomes both the interrogator and the interrogated. By forcing himself to both answer and question himself he faces an existential dilemma, one not too unfamiliar to those who may suffer from mental health issues like schizoaffective disorder.

While the questions that allowed the killing of Joan of Arc are not too dissimilar to the contemporary forms, what is different is our ability to put words to the experience of hearing voices. This performance exposes the difficulty of finding those words, the dilemma of honesty when confronting stigma, and questions our perceptions of madness. 

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