Matt Bodett, diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in 2005, has spent his career advocating for a better understanding of mental illnesses through visual art, poetry, performance art, video, sound, and sculpture. Bodett’s work takes historical references and turns them on their own narrative in order to question the history we have been given and the effects it continues to prescribe. Works which reference Saint Francis, for example, are made to question the treatment of those who speak to animals or isolate, both symptoms of schizophrenia and both attributes of Franics of Assisi. Bodett’s ouevre has spanned many different media choices, though the content continues to question our relationship with ourselves, our minds, and the structures which dictate that understanding. 

Having exhibited or performed in Berlin, London, Douro, Oslo, Milan, and throughout the United States, Matt Bodett has established a presence which continues his advocacy efforts while maintaining an artistically rigorous studio practice. For more information about Matt or upcoming events please email the artist: matt@mattbodett.com

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