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How does one confront a faltering sense of language? Especially when that language is created within the space of Madness.

L (OA) ST Is a video based poetry performance. During this work, Matt Bodett utilizes an App designed for DJ’s but replaced with sounds and words. These recordings are played live during the video performance.

This poem was performed live (online) as a part of the Quarantine Concerts, hosted by Experimental Sound Studio, on July 16th 2020.

This series of three performance investigates violence toward psychiatric inmates, suicide, hallucinations, and the role of psychopharmacology in containing Madness. This series draws on the words of; Bertram Hiscock, a psychiatirc inmate who did not survive his confinement; Shakespeare’s Hamlet; and the text from pharmacy documentation. 

This series debuted in the Fall of 2018 as a part of a residency with High Concept Laboratories in Chicago. 

A catalogue for this group of performances was printed in an edition of 200. 

Essays by Courtney Graham and Sasha Durakov accompany an essay by Matt Bodett and reproductions of artworks. 




Developed while a year long incubator artist at High Concept Laboratories, this performance was shared as a part of VAE Raleigh’s exhibition ” Full Light of Day”

Utilizing contemporary psychiatric intake forms and questions from the trial of Joan of Arc I question personal experiences when confronted with mental health while also challenging the categorization of mental health. 

Honor the act of Seeing
Attention as the Creative Act
Realize Self and Other as one
Affirm Life
Be Generous
Honor the Body
Explore the intimacy of all things