Performance Art

Performance art offers me a way to engage my body more fully in the artwork. Here are a few of the projects I have worked on. 

is : si ng

The first iteration of this piece was completed in the Fall of 2017 in collaboration with Christophe Preissing at Victory Gardens Theater in Chicago. A second iteration was completed in collaboration with Freidrik Kinbom in Berlin during the Fall of 2019.


Seen is a poetic exploration of the symptoms I have lived with throughout my adult life. The first performance was done at The Poetry Foundation, with subsequent performances at The Freud Museum, and as part of the No Limits Festival. 

Edge/Sharp Mined

This performance explores the relationship of my mind and body. The first iteration of this was completed as part of Steppenwolf Theater's LookOut series in the Fall of 2017. It was performed again as a part of the No Limits Festival in Berlin.