It is only after ten years of living in the storm I realize
that the wave sounds like the smell of rain. 

The discursive conjunction allowing the I/You/me a soliloquy in three parts.

I: the possessive.  Belonging in presentexperience.  Understanding the notyou of I. 
(Beginning to separate the salt from the vinegar.)

You: the ephemeral.  Belonging to all parts of presentpast. 
The ship that anchors the earth to the ocean. 

me: the wave.  (the beautiful ramification of belonging in notbelonging)
Knowing that neither sand (idea) or glass (experience) is without refinement.

The extraordinary insanity.  The belonging and recognition of all disparate parts.

Madness and Civilization (Delusions of Grandeur: self-portrait as Reubens, Durer, Twombly and Poussin)

Pencil, acrylic, oil, gesso, crayon, charcoal and gouache on paper.

30 in x 110 in.

Matt Bodett
© 2013  Matt Bodett

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